Compute and store data for your business and family locally, stay in control and never lose sleep. We give you a hypervisor on a stick, a VM-first system distribution, an intuitive web interface and a local-first Ai assistant fine-tuned to ensure you never get stuck on a task.

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Geeks do

Build virtual datacenters for your family and business on the hardware you own quickly and easily. Expand resources as needed. Your compute. Your storage. Your data. Get your bills under control.

boot a

USB stick to ramdisk

deploy a

system distribution
virtualised in a hardware VM

consult your

Ai copilot
deployed and run locally
to the

Growing unicorns is too much luck for the 99% of us. Deploy a respectably profitable business in your closet - grow a gnu.

Small teams

Build great products is for self-sufficient founders, bootstrappers, shoestringers, first timers and repeat entrepreneurs alike, self-hosters, fullmeta programmists, the 5% that do 95% of the work - hackers out to build successful businesses not flashy resumes.

Of unicorns

Eye-watering bills and overcomplicated solutions. With unicorn ambitions you'll reach for unicorn tools that solve unicorn problems and likely end up in a unicorn charade.

Web scale

Path less traveled, wild and mostly unique to each company. Unhealthy mix of engineering, art and panic.

8 funding rounds and raising

Taming and riding unicorns isn't cheap. Get those eyeballs - monetise later. Always be raising.

7K+ engineers and hiring

Much money, fast growth, everything leaks. Throw more engineers to patch those holes. Communication and management dominate.

Always be fixing

Adopt microservices to solve mononliths, adopt docker to solve microservices, adopt kubernetes to solve docker.

Of gnus

Your business idea need not be earth-shattering or ambitious. As long as it engages you and solves somebody's problem go ahead and build it, launch it, charge for it. and aim to earn a comfortable living.

Keep it simple - keep it in your head

With few people hacking there's only so much grey matter to go around. Optimise for brain, time and talent you actually have. What's good for Google is hardly suitable for you.

Data center in your closet

Add RAM, compute, storage as needed, hypervise then virtualize. It's a solved problem and easier than you think. Your hardware, your software, your control plane, your data. Upgrade's as trivial as replacing a USB stick.

Always be charging

Put a price on it. Find customers. Have them pay. It need not be complicated. Cloud is largely a costly scam - never cry over an unexpected bill ever again.

Invent, build, launch, repeat

Keep the distance between idea and shipping an MVP short. Whether you build for investors or customers steps remain similar, can be learnt, repeated and improved upon. will help you along.

Hardware's cheap. Fast internet is widespread and affordable. We make managing it all in your closet straightforward and fun.


Band together

Put a second-hand server in your closet or a fanless box under your desk. No cloud will give you a better deal relative to resources you get, ever. Got your local data center going? Build more for your extended family - operate from the same web portal.

Down with the Cloud

How many cloud sevices can be replaced by better alternatives run locally?

Family Storage

Much as you need. Abundant. Redundant. Affordable.

Think Sync

Syncthing. Do the same for other services.

Everyone Connected

Every device, every part of your system is networked via Wireguard, Tailscale or ZeroTier.


Local First

Run inference locally. Any model you want. Faster, cheaper, privacy preserving.

Head in the Clouds

Ever asked yourself why your ISP won't give you a stable IP address? It's what makes cloud scam possible.

Data Center

On a stick builds on the shoulders of giants like SmartOS, Illumos and Open Solaris before them. Deliberately designed to run the world's smallest data centers: that second hand Dell R720 in your closet or a fanless box under your desk. You get abundant resources you could never afford in the cloud and unparalleled control.

Hypervisor is a live OS on a USB thumbdrive. Plug in, boot up, start shipping. Time to upgrade? Plug USB stick with a new image, boot up, keep running - keep shipping.

No env like local env

Proven cloud techniques remain available, but many overcomplicated ones can be thrown out. You, your family, your business are the only tenants - life becomes simpler. Build from first principles or grab off the shelf. Choice is yours.

ZFS storage pool

Hypervisor runs entirely in RAM so your entire drive space becomes a resilient ZFS pool: secure, easily resizable, isolated for each virtualized guest. High perf, flexibility, integrity, advanced caching, copy-on-write, snapshots and more.

Browse all the things

You get an intuitive web interface for all your virtualisation and networking needs. See your entire VM fleet at a glance. Drill in, deploy, upgrade, snapshot, backup, manage keys, debug, etc - pointy-clicky tools are great. Pull up a console right in your browser.


In the beginning you want to go fast - take your app or service off the ground as quickly as you can. As time passes, features accrete, system sprawls and grows in complexity, you realise all you want is control. We give you both. No need to reverse engineer or hope your cloud provider was thouhtful enough to provide an escape hatch.

System Distribution

Codename websd is a virtual-first distribution - our attempt at a perfect match for our hypervisor and serving web projects. Trimmed of bloat that doesn't belong in a VM, easy to customize and program, tightly integrated with hypervisor host for great observability and control.

Zones, containers, VMs

Else you can choose from highly performant native zones, litewheight LX containers that emulate Linux syscalls, hardware VMs that run Linux, BSD, Windows at full speed, or Docker.

Security in depth

We lean heavily on overlay networks for control plane. Everything is networked via Wireguard, Tailscale or ZeroTier, has a stable name and address. SSH, rsync, Syncthing, remote REPLs, etc are easy to rearch but hidden from the outside world.

Package manager to rule them all

Built on top of Nix store, inspired by the GNU Guix system with access to its packages and substitutes. Transactional, reproducible, composable and easy to script.

WWW ready

We expect many VMs will serve web-projects in one way or other, so they come well prepared. E.g. a VM pre-configured with CloudFlare tunnel and Nginx to proxy and load-balance to any VM, external hypervisor or cloud instance gets deployed on first boot.

Your friendly local admin

Wouldn't it be nice to have a friendly sysadmin ready to answer any question? Why yes, yes it would! You get one available 24/7 in your terminal and web portal. Posix cli and utils, widely used APIs, software and more.

Ai will see pervasive use. Run inference locally, fine-tune for specific tasks. Get em under control early. Your weights - your model. is the system for your tinybox when it comes out.


The equalizer

Our Ai in a box has been fine-tuned to drive both the hypervisor and any system distribution you deploy. As long as you're comfortable with basic fundamentals you can prompt Ai to take care of command line and configuration minutae. The get tuned version has been trained to contextualize your deployments and runtime environment.


Starts at $0

It's open-source. Download the image. Flash. Boot. Enjoy. But please consider chipping in: order a branded USB key pre-flashed with the most recent hypervisor and support our work.

chip in

$10/ USB key
  • Live USB with logo

  • Every open-source feature

  • Cool points for being 1st


get tuned

/ hypervisormonth
  • Everything in "chip in"

  • Ai trained to contextualize your setup

  • Opt-in cloud inference (extra charges apply)

  • Opt-in incremental VM backups to the cloud (storage charges apply)

get hyped

$10/ month
after you buy a Hyper Cubeor a server from us
  • Everything in "chip in"

  • Everything in "tuned in"



Our software will run on just about anything, but if we are to succeed in our mission there needs to be a plug-n-forget solution. We've been working hard to give families and SMEs a few options.

Hyper Cube wip

Our own in-house design: a fanless box purposely built for virtualisation and lite AI inference - sufficient for a family and a small business. Drop it under your desk or in the closet, plug in, boot up and go.

Work in progress

  • Plain fanless design
  • 2 x NVMe M.2 slots
  • 8+ CPU cores
  • 16+ GiB RAM




Enterprise servers coming soon reached a preliminary agreement with the Europe's leading supplier of refirbished IT infrastructure and hardware. Rack and tower servers freshly pulled from clusters in banks and large enterprises. These maybe a few generations behind but are dirt cheap yet insanely performant and reliable.

Comming soon

  • exclusive deals and discounts
  • Custom-built configurations
  • CPU cores and RAM on tap
  • Performant, reliable and cheap SSD storage

Hyper Cube is our answer to your inevitable hardware question. Plain, simple, quiet, affordable yet performant enough to become the heart and brain of your digital life at home and at work.


Technically speaking

For the curious and more technically inclined, here's what you get with We stand on the shoulders of some mighty fine giants.

SVR4 level 1 hypervisor
Superset of SmartOS based on Illumos and OpenSolaris. It is a live os that boots directly into RAM. Upgrades are trivial - reboot from a new USB thumbdrive. Allocate all your drives to VM hosting.
Instant VM snapshots and incremental backups. Disk replication. And so much more - ZFS is magical.
OS-level "native" virtualisation
Light weight zones based on Solaris containers. LX zones with Linux system call emulation.
Hardware virtualisation
Full hardware virtualisation with bhyve and kvm. We recommend bhyve which performs better. Docker container deployments.
GPU passthrough
More generally PCI passthrough. Some work remains to be done.
Mobile-friendly web portal
Pointy-clicky interface to all things virtualisation, replication, backups and monitoring. Browser based console to any VM. Interface for migration, snapshotting, replication and backups.
Advanced networking
Based on Crossbow of Solaris. Integrated DNS and address management. Optional OPNsense in a VM. Each container has a full IP stack and is a full peer on the network.
Ovelay control plane
Every zone and VM is connected courtesy of WireGuard. Optionally Tailscale or ZeroTier.
Program against the same API that the web-portal uses.
Multiple nodes
Link dependent hypervisors into a multi-node setup - manage multiple data centers from the same web interface.
Ready for your next web project
Easy tunnels to CloudFlare for CDN, load-balancing, DDOS protection and more. Pre-configured Nginx that proxies to your VMs.

Stay tuned

Going β when?

Small team. Hard at work. We are going as fast as we can but also dog-fooding our own creation. We think you're going to love it and can't wait to see what can do for you!